Maltese Culture

Traditions, Richness, & Colour!

With so many rich and colourful traditions which have withstood the test of time, the amount of pride the Maltese have for their culture is highly understandable

With elaborate fireworks displays, rowdy village festas, and outstanding hospitality, not to mention the mind-blowingly delicious food, the sheer magnetism of Maltese culture is apparent everywhere you go, making it almost impossible not to be drawn in.

Mediterranean Conference Centre

Located towards the tip of Valletta, this 16th-century building was converted into a modern conference centre in 1979, with its sheer size and scale making it an architectural feat.

Ta' Qali Artisan Village

This Artisan Village is located in a former RAF wartime airfields and is a very popular tourist attraction in Malta. Different kinds of crafts and beautiful artefacts are created and sold by local expert artisans. The Ta’ Qali Artisan Village provides you with the opportunity to watch craftsmen blowing glass, visit filigree goldsmiths, as well as purchase beautiful jewellery, ceramicware, stone miniature houses and souvenirs, wooden sculptures, candles and lace.


MUŻA is a community art project established in 2018 and boasts a stunning collection of art spanning from the 16th century to the present day. With its splendidly laid out exhibits juxtaposing works of the old masters with contemporary artworks,  it’s  easy to see why this gallery was named one of Europe’s ‘Must-See New Museums.’   Innovatively presenting stories through its displays, associated with the geography and history of Malta, a trip to MUŻA is not just a trip to a gallery but rather a fascinating journey through time and place. Of course, no visit is complete without a stop-off in MUŻA’s spectacular restaurant, offering diners the opportunity to sit in the Auberge majestic courtyard and enjoy some tasty fare.   With so much to see, a trip to MUŻA is a treat to all the senses and definitely worth a trip to Valletta.  

Casa Rocca Piccola

A truly unique attraction in the heart of Valletta, Casa Rocca Piccola is a sixteenth-century palace & a much-loved family home. A visit to this architectural masterpiece offers an intriguing glimpse into the lives of the Maltese nobility! Built in 1580, the Palace was one of the first noble houses in the City of Valletta and was originally called ‘Casa del Giardino’, as it was one of the only houses in Valletta permitted to have a garden. Whilst still lived in today by descendants of its original aristocratic owner, its lavish rooms hold some of the finest furniture, silver, and paintings preserved over the past 400 years. Though the palace itself is enough to leave one truly amazed, by far the most mysterious attraction it has to offer is its network of tunnels dating back to World War ll.